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GENE Mentors Program

4th year of PhD or transition post-docs

As part of its Graduation mission, the Graduate School Genetics and Epigenetics New Education (EUR GENE) created a 4th year of PhD or Transition Post-Doc Program:

  • tu fund som additional PhD time to finalize their project before graduationg
  • or to fund PhD graduates transitioning between the end of their PhD and the start of a postdoc in a different laboratory

This funding offers a unique opportunity to complete the thesis project and maximize publications from their thesis lab.

The grantees will participate in mentoring responsibilities within the EUR G.E.N.E. (non exhaustive examples of previous sessions



  • 1 to 12 months PhD or post-doc salary 
  • Attention: due to Human Resources processing time, the earliest start date of the contracts will be in September. 



  • To be in the process of obtaining a PhD in a doctoral school of the EUR G.E.N.E. (BioSPC, HOB)
  • To be in the process of obtaining a PhD in a laboratory of the EUR G.E.N.E. (University of Paris)
  • For applications to a 4th year of PhD funding, to be in the 3rd year of the doctoral contract when applying
  • For transition post-doc applicants, to have an estimated defense date in 2020
  • To work on a subject linked to the EUR G.E.N.E.
  • Not yet benefited from this funding program
  • Have submitted a complete application form during the opening period of calls for projects


The post-doc contracts will start after the completion of the PhD starting September of the year of application.



  • Application Deadline: May 10th, 2020 



Applications are sent through an online platform. It will be necessary to upload a pdf file (max 2Mb), that you can prepare in advance, containing:

- The Research proposal (4 pages max) 
- CV (1 page max)
- List of your publications
- For transition postdoc application, a letter from the laboratory supporting the candidate and commiting to the defense before the end of 2020 

 All the above should be fused into a single PDF file entitled YOURNAME_gene_tpd2020.pdf

Note: The research proposal should contain:
- State of the art (1/2 page + 5 references)
- General Objective of the Project
- Results obtained during the PhD (1 page max)
- Research plan, expected results and outcomes for the G.E.N.E. funded period (please justify the length of the funding requested)
- Candidate’s motivation and potential contribution to the objectives of the EUR G.E.N.E.
- 5 recent major publications of the host team



Access the application form through the following link: LINK WILL BE PUBLISHED AT THE OPENING OF THE NEXT SESSION where you will be asked to fill your first name (Prénom) Name (Nom) and email address (courriel). You will then receive a personal link to the platform, allowing you to save your answers if you need to come back to the form later.

Contact for any questions regarding this program:

In order for your file to be processed, it is essential that it be sent as a single pdf file.

There are many free programs to merge several pdf files into one, such as pdf24, pdf Creator ... There are also sites that can do it directly online, such as or others.

In order to facilitate the evaluation work, please make sure that the elements are in the order indicated on the first page of the form.

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