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M2 scholarships for International students

As part of its Attract mission, the Graduate School Genetics and Epigenetics New Education (Ecole Universitaire de Recherche Génétique et Epigénétique Nouvelle Ecole - EUR GENE) offers each year up to 10 fellowships to foreign students enrolled in the Master 2 of Genetics of the Université de Paris.

For more information on the educational content of the Master 2, visit the website of the European Magistère of Genetics.

Fellowship brochure : PDF iconplaquette_m2_gene_2020-2021.pdf (897.03 KB)




We are well aware that the current situation in France but also in many countries around the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic makes it challenging for many applicants to obtain some documents from universities or administrations right now.

We are also aware that we must keep preparing for the next academic year, and we know that students need to know where they are admitted and if they have a fellowship as early as possible.

That is why we have decided not to extend the deadline to the G.E.N.E. fellowship application.

However, we will be flexible regarding the elements of the application that must be obtained from administrations that might be shut down at the moment.


What it concretely means for applicants:

  • We will only take into accounts applications that will have been submitted on time, so please remember to fill every part of the form and submit your application before the end of March 29th
  • The file - containing all requested documents - that needs to be uploaded must contain ALL DOCUMENTS YOU CURRENTLY HAVE
  • You will be able to send by email the missing documents as soon as administrations in your country have resumed their activities

In the meantime, we wish you well until the crisis is over.


DESCRIPTION of the funding

  • A 5 000€ scholarship
  • The payment by the EUR of the internship stipend in a research laboratory of the University of Paris (mandatory 6 months M2 internship)
  • Simplified access to CROUS student housing (subject to availability each year)


  • Hold a Master 1 (or equivalent) obtained in a country other than France
  • Candidates must hold a non-French citizenship
  • Completed the application before the call deadline


Note: Although fellowship recipients are considered as accepted into the Master 2, an application for the fellowship does not represent application to the Masters program, which must be carried out via the specific procedure. 


  • Opening of the call for projects: December 19, 2019
  • Closing date for applications: March 29, 2020 (included)
  • Preselection notifications and interviews: end of May 2020
  • Selection notifications: begining of June 2020



To apply to the fellowship, fill the form on the application platform: THE LINK WILL BE PUBLISHED AT THE OPENING OF THE NEXT APPLICATION SESSION

You can prepare in advance the requested documents that will need to be submitted to the platform. They should be compiled into a signle .pdf file in the following order : 

  • your complete and up to date curriculum vitae
  • courses attended and transcripts for the past three academic years, including the current year
  • copies of your diplomas (NB: selected students will be asked to bring the original diplomas on arrival)
  • registration certificate for 2019-2020 (if presently enrolled in a higher education institution)
  • two letters of reference from academic or research staff, among which at least one belongs to your home university
  • English language certificate, if you have one
  • a photocopy of your passport - or ID if you are from the EU
  • an ID photo


To access the platform, you will first be asked to give your name and email. You will then receive a message containing the link to your application session. This link will allow you to resume filling the application anytime you need to come back an finish it later. 

Please note that once you have submitted the form, you will not have access anymore. 


Contact :


You can be exempted from prensenting an English language test in the following situations:

- you have the nationality and currently live in an English-speaking country
- you can justify at least one year of successful higher education studies in an English-speaking country (English course)

Please specify your situation at the dedicated place in the application file. The supporting documents must be included in the file.

Registration in Master 2 can be done by candidates who have obtained at least 240 ECTS during their higher education.

This is the case of the M1 in France, or for example BSc Honors in Great Britain. For countries not following the Bologna process, the files can be studied from 4 years of validated higher studies before the start of the M2.

At the time of application for the scholarship and the M2 of Genetics, candidates may be in the process of obtaining their fourth year of higher studies or 240 ECTS. Registration in M2 will then be subject to validation of the current year of study.

In order for your file to be processed, it is essential that it be sent as a single pdf file.

There are many free programs to merge several pdf files into one, such as pdf24, pdf Creator ... There are also sites that can do it directly online, such as or others.

In order to facilitate the evaluation work, please make sure that the elements are in the order indicated on the first page of the form.

To apply to the Master’s degree (independently from the fellowship), and depending on your country of citizenship, you should either :

-              follow the Etudes en France procedure (the list of the countries is on the webpage)

-              or follow the e-candidat procedure (the platform will only open mid-April), link will be on this page :  


As long as the other funding source' s regulations allows it and do not conflict with the G.E.N.E. Fellows obligations, yes. 

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