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The landscape of post-PhD career tracks

Considering the significant proportion of PhD graduates orienting their careers outside of academia, the EUR G.E.N.E. is pleased to present Natalia Bielczyk's online workshop on the landscape of post-PhD career tracks

On wednesday December 8 at 4:30 PM


With a background in Medical Physics, Applied Mathematics, Psychology (3 x MS), and Computational Neuroscience (PhD), Natalia Bielczyk has been working for several years on career development for PhDs, including the founding of a non-profit organisation and her company The Ontology of Value.

This 2,5 hour intensive workshop in English - followed by a 30 minutes Q&A - will highlight the skills unique to the academics transferable to the open job market and will review the main career options outside academia.

The Ontology of Value has developed a professional profile test : "to discover your edge and thrive in the job market, you need to learn what your natural way of producing value is – and in which roles and positions you can best use this potential"

To further the experience, G.E.N.E. will be offering an Ontology of Value test free voucher to some G.E.N.E. (BioSPC or HOB) participants of this workshop (limited number). 


Link to registration :


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