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Seminar Series n°8 - Dr. Stormy Chamberlain

As part of a student project, the Magistère Européen de Génétique of Université de Paris and the EUR GENE present a series of scientific conferences named "Seminar Series". The eighth edition for the 2019-2020 academnic year will take place online: 

Tuesday May 19th 2020 from 17h30 to 18h30

For this edition, our guest of honor is Dr. Stormy Chamberlain, John and Donna Krenicki Associate Professor in Genomics and Personalized Health Care. She will be pleased to present his team's work during his presentation entitled:

Activating silent alleles: therapies for imprinting disorders


FREE with MANDATORY REGISTRATION, the link to the onlilne event will be sent shortly before the start of the conference:


Chairperson : Caitlin Martin

Moderator : Johanne Adam


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