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G.E.N.E. Career Workshop - The Landscape of Post-PhD Career Tracks II

Considering the significant proportion of PhD graduates orienting their careers outside of academia, the EUR G.E.N.E. is pleased to present the second session of Natalia Bielczyk's online workshop on the landscape of post-PhD career tracks

on December 17, 2020 from 5:30 to 7:30 PM


With a background in Medical Physics, Applied Mathematics, Psychology (3 x MS), and Computational Neuroscience (PhD), Natalia Bielczyk has been working for several years on career development for PhDs, including the founding of a non-profit organisation and her company Welcome Solutions.

This 2 hour intensive workshop will highlight the skills unique to the academics transferable to the open job market and will review the main career options outside academia.

This workshop covers the following modules:

1.On the right and the wrong reasons to leave academia. How to make sure that your motivation will lead to satisfaction from professional life in industry?

2.The landscape of post-PhD careers. Safety or freedom? On the biggest dilemma that you need to face while leaving academia.

3.Which tribe should I join? On the eight tribes that PhDs often choose, and the compromises you need to take in each one of them.

4.How to sneak in? On the efficient strategies to land the job in each of the tribes.

The workshop is interactive and contains polls, quizzes, and open discussion. We debunk certain myths related to the job market in this workshop! The goal is to give the participants the information and confidence so that they can reflect on various possibilities and take the first steps towards finding their dream job in industry.


Free with mandatory registration :

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